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Contact me for any reason.  If you need help adding technology to your course work, that is my specialty.  Course design, delivery, and related consulting services available.

Virtual world design for both busines and education.

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Bio - General Information

John P. Rogate, EdS, Champlain College Vermont, USA
Program Director MSMIIT / Associate Professor
Division of Information Technology & Sciences

Herbert H. Lehman College, B.A.
Iona College, MBA
Nova Southeastern University, EdS
(802) 865-6442
West Hall 102

twitter: jfenderboa
Skype: jrogate
Instagram: jpr001
Personal Web Site:

Bio - Articles

BIO - Experience

    John has worked at Champlain College ( for 13 years where he served in a variety of capacities:  Program Chair, Program Director, Computer Networking, Creator / Program Director Game Programming, and currently Program Director for the MS in Managing Innovation in Information Technology (MSMIIT). The MSMIIT Program is an online program. In addition to Champlain College, John is also the owner of Creative Twists Designs ( The company creates, designs, and implements virtual world environments for both academic and business use.

    Prior to coming to Champlain College, John possesses over 27 years of corporate experience in the technology sector with experience as a Project Manager, IT manager, and Software Engineer, with 12 years of this experience being at Digital Equipment Corporation.  John was also president of Vermont Technology Exchange Company (VTEC), a hardware, software, and services company which achieved the status of the top 100+ companies in Vermont.

    Since July, 2007 John has become intimately involved with the research and implementation of virtual technologies for education and business.  Initially using Second Life, John has migrated to the Open Source arena and the development of OpenSim (  John has gained world-wide recognition for this work among academics, however, John periodically works with senior level individuals from IBM, Google, INTEL, Microsoft, and others in making virtual technologies a reality for the next era of the Internet – Web 3.0 / 3D.  Since May 2008, John has globally presented 40 papers, lectures, and workshops on the use of virtual technologies in a variety of disciplines. John is currently working on the Champlain College migration from the Angel LMS to the Canvas LMS

    John has an Undergraduate degree in Photo Journalism, and an MBA with a focus in Information Technology.  John’s doctoral studies, from Nova Southeastern University, are in the field of Educational Technology.

     In April, 2012, John was selected by the Princeton Review as one of the top 300 Professors in the United States.  Click on the image for more information: