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You should definitely read the Instructor Guides.  You should really do this, and actually test them in your sandbox (rather than your live course).  In particular, read the portion on Rubrics:

Use Rubrics in your courses.  They provide a clear expectation to students on assignments. Rubrics also make it easier to grade assignments.  Rubrics are important regardless of the LMS, or no LMS at all.  Rather than explain the beauty of Rubrics, please watch the following video:

Instructure has some good Tutorials as follows:

Another video can be located at:

Creating an assignment rubric:

These work superior in canvas expecially when linking a rubric to a Discussion or an Assignment.  But you will need some assistance.  The rubric itself is what takes the time and thought to create.  There are aslo some considerations when using rubrics attached to assignments in courses (as opposed to just having an electronic file with a Rubric present).

A couple of items:
  • Rubrics cannot be easily copied from course to course.  Well, you can have a template course for holding Rubrics.  Then Export the course.  Then Import the course and bring in the Rubrics you want.  Right.....what is he talking about?  It is easy, but flimsy.
  • It makes Rubrics much easier if an assignment is not based on 100 points but this is neither here nore there. The may sample Rubrics that can be found on the Internet, mostly do not use a 100 point grading scale.  In reality, however, it makes no difference.
  • The biggest pain..If you create a Rubric, and then add it to an assignment, it works fine.  But there is no way to detach a Rubric from an assignment.  If you click the Garbage pail...the Rubric is deleted from the assignment, and from the Rubrics section of the course.  It is best to maybe have a standard set of Rubrics as a base, but then when attaching to an assignment, edit the Rubric for that specific assignment and save it under a new name. see the following for an example: - Just make a separate rubric for each assignment / discussion.  It is a pain, but you cannot detach it.   You can only delete it.  Just use a template rubric to start with.
  • Note: depending on the Rubric you create in Canvas, the table columns / rows may not line up in your eyes or at all.  Well, this is the way it is - depending how mch you put into it, a perfect looking table may not be created. Click HERE to see what I mean. Note: it is not a problem.
Here are a few of my own rubrics (feel free to use them and / or modify them to suit your needs):

Discussion Rubric
Simple Assignment Rubric
Homework Assignment Rubric

There are many sample Rubrics out there.  Many repeat themselves.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Take a look at some of the samples:

Just Search:  Sample Rubrics.  There are plenty.

For a discussion of how to Export / Import in Canvas, please Click Here.