Instructions: Canvas Course Copy

Copying a Canvas course from one to another is quite easy.  The two most common instances where you would use course copy are:

  1. You want to copy selective items from one course to another.  It could be a single item or multiple items.  Just be careful when doing this. 
  2. You have an empty course shell, and it is time to copy your course from a previous term into the current course.
Rememeber that the copy does not replace what you have in a course.  It adds to it.

 You can go into Settings and Reset the course which removes all content.  Never do this on a live running course. Always understand what you are doing here, and what you are copying.

The Steps

  1. Log into the course that you want "stuff" copied into
  2. Click on Settings (bottom left)
  3. Click on Import Content into this Course (right of screen)
  4. Select Copy a Canvas Course from the menu:  watch the second part of this short video:
  5. Select the course you want to copy from
  6. Copy everything, or select what you want to copy.
  7. wait (see the status indocators)
  8. you are done.
That is really it.