Canvas Student Tips

Now that you have been using Canvas for about a week, here are some tips that may (or may not) be of help.  Some of you are brand new to any LMS like Canvas while others are here for the first time from Angel.  Of course, I have been using Canvas for a year, so some of you have been in my other courses as early adopters.

Sure, all the point and clicks are important, but I am more interested in the experience at this point.  It is hopeful that these tips provide you with a better experience as you navigate through your course.

Keep in mind, all of your instructors are also in Canvas for the first time.  They are learning as well.

You will have questions.  Yes, as in any software, there are bugs, but, for the most part, you will not notice these (or you will find one that can be reported).

Note: as of the 6/1/2013 release, you can now manually mark discussions as  Read ot Unread.  Please follow the instructions here:
Hopefully, maybe immediately, all those "frustrating" Angel comments on IDEA evaluations will not be present for Canvas.  Maybe there will even be some positive comments.  Remember, the LMS is only 20% of the equation.  The rest of the equation is you, the instructor, and the course.  The hope is to minimize the LMS in-your-face all the time - to more where the comtent stands out, and the LMS is just the tool that enhaces learning.