Canvas Templates / Samples

This Page provides and / or illustrates some Sample Canvas Templaes / Courses that you can use for getting your courses ready.  Though there may be some things that you will not use for your specific course, what is provided illustrates what can be done.  You can always remove the components you do not wish to use.

It is certainly not crucial for the to be consistency across courses.  You will develop your own style.  However, consistency within a course is important to better the overall user (and instructor) experience.

Here are some links for you to review:

Undergrad Course Tenolate for Spring 2014

It is recommended that you start clean in Canvas.  The task can be laborious taking files from Angel and uploading to Canvas, but, for sure, you will leave all of the "junk" behind In addition, as you become more familiar with Canvas, you can add some of the cool features that are available.

Steps to Add an Undergrad Template to your course:

1.  Download the template:  Click Here
  (This is the Spring 2014 Undergrad Template - it is a .imcc file which is a Canvas Export File)

2.  Until you get familair with the components of Canvas and importing content, for this step, you will want to start with a clean shell as I am unaware what progress has been made on each course.  You do not want to "double-up" on stuff at this point.  So let's assume you are starting clean.  Just to make sure, Log into your specific course.  Select Settings in the lower left of the screen.  Then select "Reset Course Content" on the right of the screen.  This will clean out all course data in the course so you can start clean.  NOTE: be careful using this option at all times and understand what it does.  If you click this in a middle of the term, take a vacation.

3.  Using the .imcc file you downloaded in step 1 above, it is time for you to import the template.

4.  Follow the instructions here at PART II

5.  Your template is imported, and you are ready to move forward.

You can download this Cheat shet for instructors HERE

7.  Of course, the Canvas Guides are a valuable resource.  The Instructor Guides are probably the most useful.

8.  A wealth of short videos can also be viewed HERE