Instructions: Angel Export / Import in Canvas

These instructions are informational only.  It is personally not recommended that you import from Angel.  The "clean up" could be a laborious task (especially to the file system).  It is suggested that you manually recreate your course from scratch using your Angel course (or whatever as a guide).  Leave behind what you do not use.  Organize your file system in a meaningful way.  For a typical undergraduate (and some graduate) course, the manual effort should take 3 - 4 hours once you get into the swing of it...and it is a good time to refresh your course and take advantage of some of the powerful Canvas features.  The clean up after an Anel import can take anywhere from 7 to mega hours. This is especially true when (like in undergrad) all you are getting is an empty shell, and you are to build your course on your own.

Here is a simple video on how to export a course from Angel, and then import to Canvas (Review the text instructions as well)  Many (if no all) of you have course shells for upcoming courses.  Your course content needs to be updated.  The minimum requirement is for a syllabs and an activity.  The rest is up to you.
Here are some general instructions:

Part I - Performing an Export from Angel

Watch the Export instructions in the Video above. You will be creating an Angel Export (not a Common Cartridge, and Not a Backup).

Unless you know what you are doing, you may want to Reset your Canvas course first (from settings).  This will remove all content from the course.

Depending on what you previpusly did in the shell, you do not want to double up on "stuff".

PART II - Import your course from Angel zip file (Angel Export)

NOTE: as of the 8/3/2013 Canvas release, the import menu item may look a little different.  Watch the video:

Select the shell that you want to import to (be in the shell for the course when you do this).
On bottom of left menu - Select Settings
Select Import Content into this Course from menu on right
Select: Import content from a content package or from another system
Select: Choose the system you want to migrate from (drop down menu) - Select Angel zip file
Select Choose File and pick the zip file you created in Part I - Click on Import Course
Let it get started and say that it is importing course.  Here is where some issues are.  You can come back.  You are supposed to get an email when done.  You do not at the writing of this document.  It goes to poofpoint spam filter (last time I checked).
When you return later… have to come back to this point in the menu.  This time, you do not have to re-enter the Angel Zip file again.  "There is a View Migrations" link.  Click on this link.  There should be the migration you did there….it will be a long list of items from the course.  They should all be checked.  You just IMPORT EVERYTHING or whatever the exact wording is. If there is not migration there with a list of course items, something went amiss.
Then….. Wait wiat wait….. As it imports.  If there are a lot of files, please be patient. But it has dies on me once or twice…  But it normally doesn't.  You should get an email when the inmport is done...or just wait.

If all goes well, your course come in when the migration is complete.

Good luck with restructuring the course.  Good luck with the Filesystem created in the import from Angel.

It is recommended that you build your course from scratch manually (using the access you have from your Angel Course).  It is a good time to clean up your course in Canvas..refresh it, and have an organized Filesystem.

It is very powerful to understand this process.  It is even more powerful when you do, to understand what to selectively check when doing the import.  This will take time.